Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 makes think

Checking the sitemeter of this blog, the data is found that on average 99 persons a day visit this site.
And that the amount of people , as can be seen on the chart "This year's visits by month" is stable.
It remains more or less the same.

The conclusion is the blog is not growing in popularity.
That is a knowledge that does not help the motivation needed each day to publish another story.
In a few days a new year will come and now are many moments of considerations whether to continue the effort of publishing every day a story on this blog.
Maybe 2011 should be the year of starting a complete different activity that will be fun also but reaching more people?
Two more days to contemplate and make a decision.


Anonymous said...

If you are asking for suggestions I think you should write more about the general state of photography and photographic issues you face. I would also like to read more about the on going maintenance and other issues associated with living in an expedition vehicle.

RonMack said...

Michael, I catch you almost every day. At least, continue on an every other day basis. You being a photographer; as has been said, "A photo is like a thousand words". I really enjoy your photography. And like the anonymous comment preceding this one; I also enjoy the info on the Vehicle. However, the scenery and wildlife and people you encounter are very interesting as well.

raj said...

first, let me wish you a great year ahead. i have always enjoyed your site although views may differ. but one has to respect different views!

i think you should continue. for one, it helps you too. its good to vent. you keep freaking out against the usa; maybe it helps you in some way or the other. we all have our darker sides!

i have at least 50 relatives, from age 3 to 95, living in the usa for generations and no one has complained. plus some hundreds of other friends and they all want to remain there. and there are at least a few hundred million indians who will do anything to get to the usa. so there has to be something good about the usa!!!

coming to the blog, more photographs on the landscape, birds, animals, people, terrain, locations etc etc will help.

could also be made a photo book later on as you are in a very unusual situation unlike most photographers who live in an urban milieu.

this is a good niche.

finally, i hope the recession disappears as it will certainly make life easier for all of us.

have a wonderful 2011. cheers!

Robert D said...

I agree 100% with what "raj" said.

Anonymous said...

The best to you in the new year Michel.

clippingimages said...

good luck to you......