Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Voices speaking inside the head

Sometimes people commit terrible crimes.
And after they have been arrested they explain they had been hearing voices in their head giving instructions to commit those crimes.

It seems that hearing voices in the head is something people that have schizophrenia experience.
Fortunately there is medication that schizophrenic people can take to stop the voices.

Often it is wondered how that exactly is, to hear voices in the head.
Because normally, when voices are heard, they are coming from outside the head.
Hearing voices in the head, is it like someone is talking standing nearby?
Maybe there is a fervent and loyal blog reader who is schizophrenic and who can explain how this works?

This subject of voices in the head came up because of the side effects being in retreat long time.
It is now in its 32nd day and consequently meager food is from the freezer and only a few apples are left.
Therefore, logic processes in the mind suggest to break up camp and go to town.
More so because two radio stations want to do interviews through a landline telephone connection and they are waiting for their interviewee to come out of isolation.

But each time when logic is suggesting to leave El Triple, a strong voice inside the head starts screaming.
Insisting loudly it doesn’t want to go.
Saying it is so beautiful and peaceful and harmonious at El Triple that it would be foolish and stupid to break off the retreat.
This point is made so vigorously and with so much insistence that it cannot be ignored and refused.

And it makes sense.
These days it is so lovely at El Triple.
There is not much wind nor any clouds.
If the mean northwestern wind would blow mercilessly as it often does or if there would be depressing dark clouds making it a miserable location, how easy it would be to pack things and go.

The loveliness of El Triple these days, and the benefits felt of being in retreat for over 31 days, are the pro’s that put the contra’s totally into the shadow.

The radio stations can wait.
It won’t harm to have only little and meager food for some days.

So the voice heard in the head is followed.
Because it is making more sense than the voice speaking in the name of logic.
No medication needed yet.


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