Sunday, December 12, 2010

Round and square

After lunch that consists of two meagre slices of toast, one with cheese and one with raspberry marmalade, a glass of grape juice and an apple to finish, there is always a 30 minute siesta.
A fantastic time of total relaxation and a special visit to the land of the thousand dreams.

After waking up from this soothing siesta there is always a walk along the Pacific beach on the fine and warm Mexican sand.
One day to the north, the next day to the south.

A good time during this walk to reflect and contemplate.

Like yesterday when the thought presented itself in the mind that everything in nature is round.
And that whatever is square, is man made.

This thought, how obvious it seems, landed in the mind as a tremendous new truth.

Share this deep going realization, fervent and loyal blog readers!
Everything we see in nature is round.
The Earth itself, the sun, the moon and the planets.
But also the sand grain of the beach and the trunk of the tree.
The egg of the bird and the shell of the sea.
The wing of the dragonfly and the nose of the coyote.

There is nothing in nature that is square.
Nothing is a plane figure with four equal straight sides and four right angles.

If an object is square it is because it is the result of human thinking. planning and construction.
In nature things are as a result of evolution.
If in the process of evolution it was discovered that to make things square would be more efficient and give a higher chance of survival, it definitely would have happened.
It didn’t but that was not an inspiration, example and a lesson for the human beings.

Take your own computer.
The screen where you read this blog.
Is it round?
It has been made square and the consideration for that decision has been reasons of efficiency.
It is more practical to have a square computer screen instead of a round one.

That observation can make us wonder about the sense that efficiency and practicality makes.
In how far that harmonizes with the cosmos.
The fact is it doesn’t.
We are overpopulating this world and rapidly destroying it.
If nature had been left alone, if it had been able to be here on Earth without the presence of human beings, it definitely would not have suffered of overpopulation and destruction of its own environment.
Nature is in balance and harmony with itself and therefore everything there is round.
But we humans are terminating ourselves with a square.


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