Sunday, December 5, 2010

Doug Stanhope is funny

One of the great things of the USA is that there are comedy clubs.
Something unknown in Europe.
They are small theaters where people sit at tables and drink watching a stage where one person is telling stories that make the audience laugh.
It is called stand-up comedy.

The Fuso Szulc is equipped with XM Satellite Radio that has over a 100 channels.
Two of them are dedicated to stand-up comedy.
”Raw Dog Comedy” and “Laugh USA”.
One may wonder why they have two channels with stand-up comedy.
It is out of necessity because many stand-up comedians use rough language.
There are guys who use in almost every sentence of their comedy routine the word “f**ck.
So they are on ”Raw Dog Comedy” and the others who have correct language saying nothing inappropriate are on “Laugh USA”.

It may be not a surprise that in the Fuso Szulc the favorite channel and most liked stand-up comedians are on ”Raw Dog Comedy”.
Every night, when landed in bed and before sleep comes, it is ”Raw Dog Comedy” that is listened to.
Because it has been discovered that laughing before going to sleep helps to have a very good night of rest.
The laughing relaxes and makes the thinking center around absurdity and humor, which is often the same.

What one hears on ”Raw Dog Comedy” are recordings made in those comedy clubs.
These recordings were made by the stand-up comedian who releases them on a CD.
It is business: a way of making a living besides the payment for the act in the club.
This makes it therefore often not very funny.
Not much to laugh.
Because the stand-up comedian arranges for the taping of the show, in order to get a successful CD, that the audience is super enthusiastic.
Before the show they have been instructed to laugh as much as they can.
Even if the stand-up comedian makes a joke that is not very funny at all, the audience laughs as if it is the best joke made ever.
This is very annoying and the stand-up comedian sinks immediately in the ranking.

For over two years at the top of this ranking is a stand-up comedian by the name of Doug Stanhope.

A 43-year old guy from Worcester, Massachusetts who is very successful and who has a large following of fans.
His trademark is to be on stage smoking a cigarette and drinking beer presenting his indignation about things happening in society and this in a very funny way.

Stanhope is not only intelligent and really funny, he has a very wide vocabulary and an intriguing way of talking.
But most important is that he is indignant about crucial issues in society.
Like legalizing marijuana or abortion.
This makes him very controversial and many of his outbursts are therefore not on XM Radio’s ”Raw Dog Comedy”.
One has to go to YouTube or buy his CD’s.

Take his view on Xmas.
He believes it has become nothing more but a shopping spree event.
For most people it is not a religious and holy moment for spiritual celebration anymore.

About Xmas he writes on his website:
“Just a quick holiday note to remember that Christmas is not about crashing around Wal-Mart and Best Buy hoarding garbage for people you don't even like.
It's not even about family, friends, pretty lights or drummer boys.”

So, for Xmas, Doug Stanhope has designed a T-shirt he offers for sale:

Of which he says:

“Christmas is about Jesus and your responsibility is dispelling the whole ridiculous idea of him.
Don't buy this t-shirt for someone as a X-mas gift.
Buy it for yourself to wear and upset other people who - in spite of all logic and reason - still believe in such dull-minded hogwash”.


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