Thursday, December 16, 2010

The dark side of life

Dear friend Xavier whose 16 year old son is karate champion in his class of the Americas took the Fuso Szulc to a specialized place where they fix air conditioning systems of cars and trucks.
The place was called “Kiki” because the sympathetic owner’s name is Enrique.

The Fuso Szulc has behind the grill on the front a connection for hoses to measure the pressure in the air conditioning system.
These hoses were applied and Enrique looked at the gauges to see what was happening.

His first diagnosis was that the system was leaking.
The pressure was too low.
And if the pressure is too low, the air conditioner is not working.

It looked the Fuso Szulc was on an infuse.
Being sick and weak and needing nutritious fluids.
After having safely negotiated the traveller for many miles on merciless roads.

Kiki used a same method when there might be a gas-leak in the house.
Water mixed with washing powder applied with a brush on the connections of the pipe.
And indeed, a tiny leak was found where a pipe entered the small AC radiator.
This was opened and a small rubber ring was found and replaced.
No more leaking.
The AC system was filled with gas again, brought to the correct pressure, the engine started and the AC switched on.
The compressor not working.

Kiki’s new diagnosis: your compressor is broken.
Of a four year old truck that had the AC system used very seldom.

Besides the trouble with the registration of the truck with the DMV in South Dakota, now the compressor has entered the portfolio labeled: “The dark side of life”.

The compressor broken is one thing, getting it replaced is another matter.
There are no Mitsubishi Fuso trucks sold and therefore maintained and serviced in Mexico.
No parts are available.
Kiki said, drive to the USA and have it fixed.

The good news about the bad news is that driving the Fuso Szulc with a broken AC compressor is no problem.
Instead the windows are opened and fresh air enters the cabin.
The old fashioned way that is even more fuel efficient.
For the moment, the broken AC system can be put out of the mind.

And an effort must be made to eliminate also the annoyance.
It annoys that a four year old truck, that was on one location not moving most of the time and therefore had its AC system work rarely, gets a broken compressor.
Besides, when it was working it hardly was able to cool the cabin and many times complains have been filed at the Mitsubishi dealer in San Diego.
Who said each time that nothing was the matter with the AC system…

But in Mexico the sky is blue and the sun is shining and today is a beautiful drive through the mountains called the Sierra de la Laguna to go and live the coming weeks with the dear friends the Gonzales family next to the Sea of Cortez.
That prospect warms the heart and for that warmth no AC is needed.


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