Thursday, December 2, 2010

phishing feeble fishes

Probably many fervent and loyal blog readers experience the same phenomenon.
To receive e-mails asking for help.

It may be the son of a former high ranking politician in some obscure African country who needs help to channel millions of dollars safely away offering a bonus when helping.

Or it may be one of your friends who is visiting a foreign country and was robbed of everything and now has to pay a high hotel bill asking to help out by transferring by Western Union a sum of money.

Or it may be a person who claims to be terminally ill and wants to donate the heritage to a foundation.
Like Mrs Nestoria Vasquez Relevoa who writes the following e-mail:

Dear Friend,

My name is Mrs Nestoria Vasquez Relevoa ,a General merchant in the United States of America ,Originally from Philippine , but taking Treatment in Tokyo Japan now, I have been diagnosed with Breast cancer (117.7) and Colorectal cancer (42.7) cancer that was discovered very late due to lack of caring For my health. I have only about a few months to live according to medical experts.

I am looking for someone reliable and trusted that can use my ($6,200M)for the less privileges and orphanage homes. Since i can’t survive this illness. Please you can contact me through this

Warm Greetings from,
Mrs Nestoria Vasquez Relevoa.

What is so amazing about these e-mails is that it seems that there are people who believe it is a true and sincere request.
Who do not get the idea it is a scam and phishing.

If nobody would respond to an e-mail like the one above, this nonsense would stop eventually.
But it seems it still leads to results.
Innocent and more probably naive people who are touched by the story.
They get involved and end up seeing that their savings have disappeared.

It is known that these cyber-thieves somehow manage to obtain mailing lists.
An e-mail like the one above is send to thousands and thousands of persons.
The logic is that among the thousands and thousands of people, at least one is unaware and naive.
Who will respond to be plundered.

To write and send the above e-mail is a matter of an hour.
A handy software program like DirectMail sends automatically a message to as many addressees as you like.
Therefore, it is an easy job and the more people get the message, the higher the chance to find an innocent victim.
But in the meantime thousands and thousands of people are bothered receiving and reading this e-mail.
The phishers can’t care less.


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