Saturday, December 11, 2010

The castle will surrender

Hackers have been around for some years now.
Divided in two groups.
One group consists of rather young and innocent young persons who like to experiment with computers, software and networks.
The other group are professional hackers with criminal intentions.

But when Julian Asange was arrested many persons capable of hacking but making until now no trouble with their skills to society became active.

Attacking the websites of, PayPal and other companies as a revenge for how the authorities are handling the Wikileaks issue.

In 1968 there was a revolt in France of students protesting the policy of the Government.
By the thousands they disturbed and wrecked public life.
There were barricades and fires in the streets of Paris.
For weeks the students fought the police.
Students who until then had been quiet and living submissively in the context imposed by the ruling generation.

It developed into a gigantic confrontation but eventually negotiations took place between the Government and representatives of the students.
This resulted in dramatic policy changes and France has never been the same.
One of the student leaders in 1968, Daniel Cohn-Bendit is now a member of the European Parliament.

There is a synchronism between the French revolution of 1968 and the confrontation now taking place between the authorities and Wikileaks, the hackers and their sympathizers.
History shows that evolving societies grow with hiccups.
It is quiet for a while but in fact in a society aspects grow and become bigger and bigger until a social explosion takes place.
Now we have the privilege of witnessing a new eruption and when the Wikileak issue has quieted down, the world will never be the same again.
The whole world, because revolutions, or sudden and drastic evolvement, cannot be exclusively national anymore.
This because of the Internet.

What we see, and this happened with each confrontation in societies in the past, is that the ones in power try at any price to hold on to it.
Opposing change.
Unable to admit that things had been done wrong.
And this is the real reason for the confrontation, the conflict, the trouble and the hassle.

Let’s face it: what is Wikileaks?
By itself nothing at all.
Why Wikileaks has become a worldwide phenomenon are several reasons:
The Governmental systems with their politicians, rulers, diplomats and civil servants have had a way of practicing their policies in a non-transparent and double faced way.
In a way as was common in the 19th century.
Believing that secrecy was a right, democratic, justified and the best way.
Ignoring that at the same time society has changed.
Transparency has been coming to us through Internet changing the way of socially operating.

We all know that the Government of the USA has made an effort to keep on the one hand their policy secrets in the dark, while opening it more to their employees.
Resulting in over 3 million Americans having access to secret information.
No problem until there was US Army Private Bradley Manning who leaked.
Or whistleblowed.
Offering the information to Wikileaks who published it on their platform.

This was all possible because of the new ways of communication.
Computers, internet, websites.

How does the ones in power response?
Like the authorities in Paris in 1968.
Bradley Manning is in prison.
Julian Asange is in prison.
Hackers are arrested and face years in prison.
Secrecy is perfected.
More and more people get involved to fight for the new step in the process how the society is imagined to be.
It can’t be stopped.
But the authorities are too deep in enjoying their power.
It will take more confrontation but eventually the castle will surrender.


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