Thursday, December 9, 2010

The spider is dead.

For weeks now a spider has lived in the door opening of the Fuso Szulc.
Outside the screen door waking up as soon as it is becoming dark.
To fix the web and then wait patiently.

When it is dark, insects come to the screen door because of the light inside and many end up in the web of the smart spider.

Every evening the spider could be seen becoming active and eventually it classified as a major presence in the Fuso Szulc menagerie.
A daily show suggesting the spider is like a pet.

Over the weeks the intelligence of the spider, to make use of the light and understanding how this attracts flying insects, could be seen to have impressive results.
The spider growing bigger and bigger.
His body becoming fat.

But this morning a peculiar situation.
The fat spider dead in its web.
But accompanied by a similar spider.
Much younger and smaller.
Alive and demonstrating concern for the big dead fellow spider.

How does that work with spiders?
How do they reproduce?
Is the new spider a baby of the big one?


1 comment:

Dawn Pier said...

I will be curious to hear if the little spider EATS the big one!