Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nazis in caves

When more and more Nazis in the Third Reich began to realize that the war would be lost, they prepared for the very different time to come.
A selected group of them were very idealistic and believed strongly in Nazism and wanted somehow to continue to practize the ideology.
To have it survive so that one day it could glory again.

Therefore deep in the South of Germany, in a mountainous area, they prepared a huge underground complex of caves with an entrance only a few people knew about for them to live and survive in.

At the right moment, in 1945, a large group of Nazis disappeared into these underground caves and continued a secret life.
They were never coming up to the surface anymore.
The men were self sufficient and because of the deprivation got deeper and deeper into their ideology.
Nazism developing in something stronger than an orthodox religion.

Several of the men were scientists and they realized that they did not really have a future underground.
Eventually they all would die and that would be the end of their beloved Nazism as well.
The solution they saw was to try to achieve eternal life.
That living would not end and that they could be in those caves as Nazis together for ever and ever.

All activities of these men became centered on extending life.
Avoiding to die.

There would have been a more natural and easy solution.
Raiding parties could have left the caves to look for women living in villages nearby to bring them back to breed children.
To have new generations of Nazis living in the subterranean spaces.

But the world outside did not exist anymore in the minds of the hiding Nazis.
Their view had turned completely inside.

Recently, by accident, the entrance to this complex of caves has been found.
And the result of the scientific work to create eternal life was discovered.
Surprisingly, the Nazi scientists had achieved something.

In different caves Nazi officers were standing.
In uniform and straight up.
Even talking when approached but they were Nazi slogans only.
Just permanently standing there as puppets and only able to say things from their Nazi ideology.

They were not dead but one could not say they were alive either.

The German officials have not made this discovery public.
They left everything as it was and have sealed off the entrance to the caves.



Anonymous said...

Wow! Interesting tale. What's the source? I'd like to read more...

luvglass said...

Normally when you publish something very unusual, or provocative, you append some attribution. I am surprised by the lack of it this time.

Anonymous said...

A little too much peyotl lately?
A vervent reader from Berlin