Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Crowns of creation kissing.

Some subjects published here result in everybody going their way as if nothing happened.
But once in a while a subject makes people send e-mails with comments, praise, criticism, hate and love.
Yesterday, the posting “Re-designing the body” was such a trigger.

Many people asked why no redesigning was suggested for the way human beings reproduce.
The reason is because it takes several postings to explain that part of the inferiority of our physical design.

Let’s start in a calm way.


Which comes in two varieties.
There is the kissing on the cheeks that seems to happen between family members and good friends.
A very unhygienic activity.
Many cheeks are powdered or covered by a range of beauty products.
Or the cheeks are soaked in after-shave lotion.
In case of men that is.
And sometimes a layer of artificial suntan is applied to the cheeks.

As a result the lips touch these products not made for human consumption.
Residue clings to the lips and when the kissing person later moisturizes the own lips with the tongue, those dangerous chemicals unfortunately get into the body.

This, until now, we ignore because few people are aware of this serious problem.
It should become a major campaign issue for the World Health Organization to promote the banning of kissing on the cheeks.

People who like the games of sadomasochism have sometimes as an activity that excites them licking the leather boots of the cruel mistress.
Everybody knows this is not a healthy thing to do.
So why do we ignore the dangers of cheek kissing?

Some people have understood the dangers of cheek kissing for a long time.
Our friends the Eskimos.
As many fervent and loyal blog readers will know Eskimos do not kiss.
As a demonstration of affection they rub their noses after first having blown them in a clean handkerchief.
Now, that makes sense.

Even more dangerous and life threatening is a habit mainly practiced in Europe and the USA.
This is the kissing on the lips that occasionally may open so that both protagonists can touch their tongues.

This is an activity that, as far as this expert knows, doesn’t necessarily occur between family and friends.
More likely this most dangerous activity can be found among white, well to do people that feel passion for each other.

Or in case one of the two wants some material gain the other one potentially could give.

The mouth is a part of the body that serves not only as an entrance, but also as an exit.
Through it is a lot of traffic.
Fluids and food go in.
Words come out.
Polluted air goes in.
Bad breath comes out.
It is a place that witnesses passing by things like French fries and vomit.

Every dentist can explain that the mouth is a place housing millions of bacteria’s.
Besides bacteria’s, we also find gingivitis, germs and plaque needing washing the mouth three times a day with a product like Listerine that has to contain 21.6 % alcohol to do effectively the fighting and killing of all those aliens illegally living in that cavern.

It is true: the mouth is a horrible place.
Nobody would like to live there.
And it is this mouth, in which the tongue is hanging out, that is used to concrete affection.
It is estimated by scientists that each kiss on the lips involving touching tongues is responsible for a transfer of over 636 million bacteria.

Why do we kiss in this unhealthy and life threatening way?

It is a tradition.
A habit.
Promoted by Hollywood films in a shameless way while experts know that these actors and actresses only pretend they kiss.
No actress ever felt Tom Cruise’s tongue.
That is a privilege he reserves for his boyfriend only.

Earlier we discovered how Eskimo’s are much more clever than we are.
The same goes for kissing on the lips including potentially using the option of the tongue touching activity.
There are many people in the world who never kiss in this idiotic way.
Like the Shona.
A people mainly living in Zimbabwe, Africa.
They never kiss.
This makes sense.
Before we eat we wash our hands, except in a McDonald’s, but we do not clean and disinfect the mouth when having a romantic date.
It is life extending not to kiss at all.
Rub noses instead.
Touch breasts and balls.
But stay away from his mouth.

Tomorrow we will shine a sharp light on another flaw of the design of the human body.
The fact we have to use our genitals to reproduce.



Robert said...

Stand in front of a mirror and close your eyes imagine that you have never seen a mouth before, really imagine that all people had smooth skin from cheek to cheek. After a few minutes open your mouth wide and open your eyes, move your tongue around and study all the teeth and bright red gums, the Tongue attached only at one end, all the saliva. I find it amazing what the Human mind can accept as normal and mundane! the human mouth is from some alien place ,yet daily interaction and it's long time existence in our lives cause us to not even give it a second glance.
I often feel the same way about the Catholic church, if It hadn't been around for so long , I doubt the Public would be so acceptable of it's actions.
This all said I still love french kissing beautiful women ,"germs and all" even Catholic Girls!!

Risky biz said...

Tom Cruise?

Oh, my.

Dawn Pier said...

FYI, the Inuit actually are sniffing one another, not rubbing noses. This sniffing is a form of flirtation among the Inuit, foreplay if you will. And they are determining if the other person's hormones (their scent) smell the way they like them to, or not. Hence whether or not they will have sex.