Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stop castrating cars

Broad-minded Norte-Americanos will know that the political system in Europe and many other countries worldwide is very different from the one in their own nation.

In Europe there are political parties based on a philosophy, religion, conviction or ideology.
Each political party has a party program and politicians are representing not their personal opinions, but defending the political program of their party.

Hence, people do not vote for persons.
They vote for the political program that represents the most their own opinions.

One advantage of this political system is that it is relatively easy to start a new political party and be voted into the Senate and Parliament.

This happened in 2002.
A political party was founded in the Netherlands called “Partij voor de dieren”.
This means: “Party for the animals”.
Although it is not a single-issue party, their main goal is to defend animal rights and welfare.

They managed to get enough signatures on the petition to participate in general elections and are now represented in Parliament with two persons and have one person in the Senate.

“Partij voor de dieren” is a large organisation with people coming together all over the country to work on defending the position of animals.

This is very relevant in the Netherlands where there is a huge bio-industry.
Without thinking twice millions of chicken, calves, cows, lamas and pigs are kept under appalling conditions to be mass murdered for the meat industry.
If it would be described here how those innocent animals are being kept and what is being done to them, the appetite and good mood of the fervent and loyal blog readers will be spoiled for days to come.

What is so amazing is that this small political party manages to have animal welfare as a subject of discussion in Parliament and in the Senate every single day.
And they make it a frequent subject in the press as well.

One reason for this successful way of defending a good cause is the fact that the political leader and Member of Parliament is a 36-year-old person who has charisma and who is very good presenting both in Parliament as in the media the issues with animals.
Her name is Marianne Thieme.
She speaks about animal welfare and animal rights in a balanced way.
Giving the horrible facts without getting sentimental.

Another reason for the success of the “Partij voor de dieren” is their smart way of making politics.
Last week they had their day in Parliament getting nationwide publicity.
They had checked the programs of the other political parties on the animal issues.
They found beautiful words, intentions, promises and ambitions.
Next, they translated all those beautiful words, intentions, promises and ambitions into propositions for new laws and presented them in Parliament to have them voted on.
This was most embarrassing for the political parties.
They are claiming for example that the practice to castrate young pigs without any anaesthesia has to stop immediately.
But when last week the “Partij voor de dieren” presented this ambition as a new law, making this cruel intervention illegal, the political parties backed out.
Although their party programs are suggesting to potential voters that this is what they are going to do, they refused to support and vote for it to become a law.
Reasons being that in fact the political parties are defending the commercial interests of the bio industry.

The result was a massive wave of publicity in the press.
Because it was revealed that most political parties are saying they want to defend animal rights and welfare, but they are not actually doing it.

Learning how successful a political party can be with one specific subject appealing to many voters, the idea is to do the same in the USA.
Not to create a political party for the welfare of animals.
But to create a political party to defend the interests of the car.
Because the truth is that everybody loves the car but we make it hardly possible to park it, to fix it and to drive it without getting stuck in traffic jams.
On top of that we make the car in a way that it is polluting and very cold inside when leaving in the morning.
The welfare and rights of the car are totally ignored and a political party would be absolutely vital.
And highly successful.
There is a person similar to Dutch “Partij voor de dieren” leader Marianne Thieme who could very well be her American equivalent after the current elections.
Hillary Clinton.
Who will have Bill to drive her to the office.


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