Sunday, February 24, 2008

Letting it go where it wants to be

It is almost similar to a scientific experiment.
A person is put in ideal circumstances and next it is tested what is the capacity of the creativity.
Each day new ideas must come up to have the experiment continue.
It is going on for 52 days now and the bottom of the tank filled with creativity cannot be seen yet.
There is still enthusiasm, vigour and passion each day to create more and the results continue to be produced.

The major danger is to get bored with this creative process.
It is repetitive: each day is organised in the same way.
The risk of paradise becoming a boring place.
It is only that the images, that are the result of the creative process and the self-imposed circumstances, are still different and interesting each time and are responsible for the excitement.

It is now even dreaded that this situation will be aborted in one week to start travelling to California, USA, the Netherlands, Europe and Mumbai, India.
There is the strong feeling to desire to continue to stay here and make more interesting new images.

Yesterday this image was made.

© Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski 2008

This image is emblematic for the work created during these weeks.
It is showing reality as we know it, but some things are definitively wrong with the reality in the image.
We see a landscape we know from places like Arizona.
A blue sky we all know.
A horse and a bird in the sky: rather common animals.
But it seems the horse is running away in a light panic.
This seems to have to do with the bird who is on a flight towards the horse for unknown reasons.

Now, in reality as we know it, it is not common at all that a bird chases a horse.
So, what is going on there?

A person seeing this image gets more and more uncomfortable because it is not only this unlikelihood of a bird chasing a horse.
Something more is the matter but not immediately it can be explained what it is.

Eventually it is discovered.
It is the shadow of the bird.
That shadow implicates the bird is in another reality.
Never a shadow of a bird is seen on the blue sky.
Unless it is a large painted background.
This creates a conflict of perception.

We see the bird chasing the horse who is running away.
But the bird seems also to fly in front of a huge picture containing the landscape, the horse and the sky.
The bird is part of the action and the bird is not part of it.

This makes many questions come up in the mind of the person seeing this image.
And that is exactly the objective.

How was this image made?
Was there first an idea, a design, a concept?
This image was created while playing with the different visual elements without having any idea whatsoever what was being made.
It just came into existence.
Created without thinking.
Simply by letting it go where it wanted to be.


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