Monday, February 11, 2008

Delusive illusions

It is on the Democratic side of the current elections going on in the USA that a fascinating event is taking place.

On the Republican side it is old wine in old sacks and no change in policies will come if a veteran like John McCain is elected.

But on the Democratic side a Teutonic battle is taken place and it is fascinating to see them challenge each other.

As a neutral European observer every opportunity is looked for to see Clinton and Obama give speeches.
Because something special is experienced when they speak.
They are both charismatic and promoting what seems to be a hopeful new future.

Especially Mr. Obama is a gifted speaker who seems to believe sincerely he can change a bankrupt, demoralized and hated country.

Last night he was awarded a Grammy Award for “The best spoken word”.

And rightly so.
The man speaks in an almost hypnotizing way.
He is very entertaining.
Hence, the prestigious award from the entertainment industry not for what he had to say, but for how he said it.

In politics worldwide and therefore in American politics also, we must always be suspicious.

We must never forget that the politician, who speaks to an audience, repeats a text that was written by special speechwriters.
It is usually never a text by the politician.
Although the politician pretends it is his own text and coming straight from the heart, it was all pre-cooked.

We also must never forget that the politician is not speaking the text from the memory.
He is reading the text but pretending to speak it from the memory and spontaneously.
For this trick they use a device called a “teleprompter”.
Or “autocue”.
There is a screen in front of the lens of the camera, and the words on the screen are reflected to the eyes of the speaker using a one-way mirror.

Or glass panes on which the text is projected are placed to the left and right of the cameras so that it seems the politician is looking at the audience but in fact reading the text.

Many people know politicians are not personally responsible for the quality of their text.
And many people know that the politicians are reading their texts but pretending to speak from memory.
But that illusion seems not to matter.

A risky thing.
Because the best speaker is the best illusionist, once elected it will become clear how delusive the illusion was.

There are already signs that the illusion of giving thrilling speeches have ingredients smelling of delusion.
Next time a loyal and fervent blog reader sees John McCain giving a speech, notice he says he wants to keep the troops in Iraq.
Possibly for a 100 years.
Nobody doubts how this can be done.
By just leaving them where they are now.
Over 60.000 American soldiers are in Europe for over 64 years.
Hence, this concept of having the American army in Iraq for a long time is not a delusive concept.
It is realistic and can be done.

But now the fervent and loyal blog reader should watch Hillary Clinton give a speech.
To great enthusiasm of the audience she claims she will bring the American troops home from Iraq in 60 days.
But notice, never it is explained how that incredible feat is going to be accomplished.
How can more than 160.000 soldiers and their equipment be returned to the USA within 60 days?
And how is President Hillary Clinton going to deal with the political, military and economic vacuum she is going to leave behind in Iraq?
Never is there an explanation how her intention is going to be materialized.
And that is logic.
It is a promise that cannot be fulfilled.

The majority of American people are sick and tired of the war in Iraq and obviously start to cheer when a politician in a frenzy situation stirs up emotions by claiming to bring the heroes back in 60 days.
It is a complete delusion.
It might win voters but they will be deeply disappointed later.

The advantage of being a neutral European observer is that no choice has to be made between the three most important candidates.
Because it is a huge dilemma.
More of the same, McCain, is no option.
And of the Democrats one cannot know how many cats are in the bags.

But this is not at the centre of the issue though.
Many people will not vote because of the details of promised policy.
Many voters will award their own Grammy Award.
The new President will be the one who had the best presentation.


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chockwald said... analysis of the current American political scene is right on the money. How will Hillary, or Obama keep their promise to bring the troops home so quickly? An obvious question that no one in the media asks, and no one in the audiences listening to these speeches asks. Only an emotional reaction to the promises that cannot be kept.


Anonymous said...

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Euro weenie Fag !

Anonymous said...

"As a neutral European observer " what a load of BS, you're about as neutral as Hitler was.