Friday, February 22, 2008

Who to believe ?

A new and longer conversation with different members of the Gonzales family about their habit of putting red ribbons in fruit trees when a lunar eclipse takes place.

They are totally convinced that this is necessary to do to avoid that the tree will not bear fruit otherwise.

They claim that small bushes growing in nature carrying small berries have dropped all their fruit the morning after a lunar eclipse.

The Gonzales also claim that a lunar eclipse is very dangerous for a pregnant woman.
She must drape around her belly a red cloth and hide in the darkest corner of a house.
To walk around the house three times after the lunar eclipse.

It could not be avoided to think they were kidding.
That they were making up these stories.
But this was not the case.
They were very serious and obviously believe in this wisdom.

So, it was asked how a red ribbon could stop a mango tree loosing its fruit after a lunar eclipse.
What had the colour red to do with it?
The answer was that red was a very good colour to protect many things.

Yes, but why?
They don’t know.
It is like that.
For hundreds of years.

After dinner with the Gonzales and the interesting and mysterious conversation the Internet was accessed to find out more about red ribbons in mango trees in case of a lunar eclipse.
Surprisingly enough nothing could be found.

There are some stories on the Internet about superstition concerning lunar eclipses.
Mainly in case of pregnant women who are afraid the lunar eclipse may have a bad influence.
And all the answers are that this is nonsense.
It is explained that a lunar eclipse is nothing more but the earth moving in between the sun and the moon.

Who to believe?



MELackey said...

I suppose that if the fruit of the mango tree survives the eclipse, them the Gonzales family is correct - the red ribbons have once again protected the fruit of the mango tree.

This is much like Granny Clampett's (Beverly Hillbillies TV show) cold remedy. Take one dose fo the "remedy", drink lots of fluids, eat sensibly, and get plenty of rest, and your cold will be gone in a week or so.

It is of no consequence that without the ribbons or cold remedy that the same results would be achieved.

To the persons that believe, their actions have a bearing on the result. (may not help, but certainly won't hurt...)

Anonymous said...

Well, the science may be more convincing (and make us feel superior) but the red strips of cloth in the mango trees are far more fun!
And just as relevant to my life.