Thursday, February 28, 2008

Still not in paradise

The Gonzales family are wonderful people.
Warm, loving, good and honest.
But they treat dogs like shit.

Recently Gumaro Gonzales came back to the rancho with a new dog.
A nice semi-Labrador.
A 2-year-old dog friends had given him as a present.
This dog he intended to use for accompanying him on his horse rides into the mountains.

In front of the rancho is an old sea container.
This is where the new dog was tied up.
On the metal floor sand was dropped.
Some old blankets were thrown in a corner.
And the dog put on a rope so short he hardly could lay down.

Inside this sea container it was getting very hot during the day.
And the dog was not supplied with fresh water.

This was how he was.
Exhausted and breathing rapidly.
Covered in flies.
Because he could only relieve himself where he was, due to the short rope.
Standing and more or less laying down in sand saturated in his own urine and excrements.

The remarkable thing is that Gumaro Gonzales is a super sympathetic man.
His cruelty towards dogs doesn’t fit at all how he is.
But somehow it is not entering his awareness that a dog can suffer.
And that with a little effort a dog doesn’t need to suffer.

The same goes for Gumaro’s son, IsmaĆ«l.
He was also taking care of the Labrador and never it got into his mind that tying up a dog inside a metal container on a tight rope is not very respectful towards life.

First there was this situation with Gorba.
That was solved after working on it for months.
And now the whole thing repeats itself with a new dog.

Gumaro was asked what was the name of the new dog.
He didn’t know.
The former owners had told him but he had forgotten.

It was of course impossible to ignore the situation of the dog.
And again the tight rope had to be walked of respecting the hospitality of the Gonzales family, accepting their way of living and the welfare of the dog.

The objective became to get the dog out of the sea container and to a better place.
The best place being where Gorba used to be.

Yesterday a great opportunity offered itself to take action for the Labrador.
It was Lucretia’s birthday.
Gumaros’ wife.
In the morning she was visited, congratulated and she was offered kisses and a nice present.
Lucretia was thankful but also complaining: Gumaro had forgotten her birthday.
Hence, she was in the right mood to involve her in the situation of the Labrador.
She was proposed to have the dog change location.
Out of the sea container and to Gorba’s former place.
But of course she was told that nothing could be done without the consent of Gumaro.
However, Gumaro not present and Lucretia annoyed by his lack of interest in her on her birthday saw an opportunity to get back to him.
Exactly as the photographer had imagined it would go.
Lucretia gave permission to re-locate the dog.
She was taking all the responsibility.

Hence, the dog was put in the new place.

Happy like crazy.
To be able to relieve in a decent dog like way.

Unfortunately for the dog his liberator is leaving for the USA, Europe and India on Sunday.
Because the next step would have been to convince the Gonzales to have the Labrador run around free of any rope.

Part of the truth is that staying and living on a Mexican rancho is a fabulous experience.
The other part of the truth is that to see how dogs and other animals are treated is sickening.

Damned, still not in paradise.



MELackey said...

Wow, that much difficulty just to get the dog a comfortable place to stay and water to drink. I can only imagine how hard the conversation would be about getting the dog neutered...

Anonymous said...

I think the best thing for you and the dog, is to untie him before you leave. How much worse off will he be? When you come back, and he is no longer alive, you would have wished you had done just that!