Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Un amigo.

The Fuso Szulc is equipped with a large propane tank that can hold 75 litres (19 gallons).
Over the last 55 days this propane was used to run the Swedish made Dometic fridge, to make a pot of Assam tea in the morning and a cup of sleeping time tea in the evening.
Not for cooking food because dinner is with the Gonzales family every night.

The propane tank was almost empty.
Reason to go to San Jose del Cabo to have it filled.
Two hours on a gruelling unpaved road full of potholes and deep washboards.
To drive this road is torture.
But it guarantees the peace and harmony of Punta Boca del Salado.

The propane tank is fixed to the Fuso Szulc.
Hence, the tank can be filled at propane stations for cars and trucks.
This is an advantage to RV’s equipped with bottles.
These need to be unbolted, taken out and next one has to wait in line in Mexico to have them filled.
Because in Mexico there are cars and trucks using propane instead of gasoline, in Baja California every bigger town has a propane filling station.
Besides the places where they fill bottles.

The tank was very empty.
It took 72 litres.
Costing 424 Mexican Pesos.
26 Euros, 39 US$.
Conclusion, staying in Punta Boca del Salado costs 7,70 Mexican Pesos per day for propane.
0.70 US$ or 0,47 Euro.

Driving back it happened that Gumaro Gonzales was on his way to San Jose del Cabo.
Somewhere in between Punta Boca del Salado and San Jose del Cabo the Fuso Szulc and his pick up truck met.
Both stopped, drove back to have a chat.
Was there anything special to say?
But here it is different.
People take time to keep high the level of social quality in life.

Gumaro and the photographer are friends for 28 years.

They are like brothers: they are in each other’s lives as are family members.
They meet every day at the rancho and chat.
But when they meet on the road they stop anyway to talk.

This is sharing existence.
Matching energy fields and synchronizing the vibrations.

There are two characteristics present when to know Gumaro.
The man is never imposing his ideas.
Or his judgements or opinions.
Secondly, he never asks personal questions.
He waits until the other person feels ready to talk about it.

These characteristics are vice versa.
For example, from other people it has been learned that Gumaro had a different father than all of his brothers and sisters.
He himself never talked about this.
And this has been respected.
Never was he asked about that.
Like when he was talking about “my father”, meaning the father of his brothers and sisters.
Of course he was not corrected or asked questions about the way he was putting it.

There is more about Gumaro that is never a subject of discussion.
Because it doesn’t matter.
He is who he is.
We are who we are.
From liquid to gas.
Like propane.


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