Thursday, February 21, 2008

Free coffee

A full lunar eclipse in the clear skies of Baja California and right above the rancho Punta Boca del Salado.

The Gonzales family are aware of this natural phenomenon and this is why Ketcha was cutting red ribbons.
To hang in the mango trees.

Many fervent and loyal blog readers, together with this innocent photographer, may wonder what a lunar eclipse has to do with cutting red ribbons to hang in mango trees.
Hence, Ketcha was asked for more details.

According to her a lunar eclipse will destroy the flowers of the mango tree it is now having.
This will result in the mango tree not bearing fruit.
The problem can be avoided by hanging red ribbons in the mango tree.
Somehow this protects the flowers of the mango tree from the effects of the lunar eclipse.

What to think of this?
Is this a real issue and an effective solution?
Or is it some superstition of the Mexican countryside?


Meanwhile one of the most important and prominent magazines in China has published 8 pages with a selection of the project “The most beautiful people in the world”.

There might be some loyal and fervent blog readers thinking that besides writing a daily blog, their favourite photographer has as other activities only to be busy with the Fuso Szulc and its Santek Trailers legacy.
The truth is though that the Fuso Szulc is a nerve centre of many worldwide activities and the publication in China is one of the thrilling results.

It is a strange experience to publish pictures of a project.
On the one hand it must be realized that millions of Chinese now see the results.
That the philosophy of the project is promoted and shared.
As well as the beauty of the images.

On the other hand it is a very anonymous experience for the photographer.
Although plenty of people see and share the work, no direct proof of this is experienced.
Nobody is calling or mailing except for the Chinese team members, friends and the most beautiful in the pictures published.
Daily life goes on as if nothing has happened.
While the expectation goes so far as to imagine that soon now an invitation will come to visit the Olympic Games in Beijing this summer.

There is certain solitude in stepping into the limelight.
Reaching out by publishing, communicating with millions, but hardly hearing anything back.
It feels like shouting into a dark cave.
The only remedy to have that fact drag the person into a deep depression is to always keep in mind that there is the existence as an individual person and an existence as a public figure.
Togetherness with other people is the exclusive domain of the individual person and his or her social infrastructure.
It is there that being human is optimally experienced.

Not so in the territory of the public figure.
A false world, deformed and twisted, where one must avoid to look for sympathy, warmth and love.
Instead of shouting in the cave and not hearing any reply, a chat over coffee will take place with the Gonzales this morning.


As an extra service to the fervent and loyal blog readers, by exception free of charge, hereby the pages that are published, now seen by millions of Chinese.

© Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski 2008



Anonymous said...

Congratulations and what wonderful people and wonderful pictures! Thank you for your work!

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting question that all content-providers ought to be asking. Looks like you have a print product with a paper trail. On the internet with no hard-copy original, though, it's just vapor, it seems.