Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Coming inside

Within a short time two women were met who are working on their lives in a fascinating way.
Most eager to grow and understand who they are and why they are here and where they should go.
Finding things on the way that are wonderful and horrible.
Often struggling and suffering and never knowing for sure it eventually will lead to a more harmonious and peaceful life.
But remaining hopeful and joyful.

Because they both live in Europe, as women, they have all the opportunities and the freedom to make their journey in life of exploring and discovering.
Of experimenting and testing.
Societies in Europe that are tolerant allow individuals to be, if necessary, extreme.
The women are not locked into a harness of traditions and expectations.

This is why both women have had relationships with several men in their lives until now.
Not one man for a long time but relative short periods spent with a guy.
Including having sex with him.

This makes the women experienced in sexuality and because of the societies they live in, it doesn't damage their reputations.
It is not necessarily seen as a negative that the women have been with several men.

In this way women are equal to men.
For men, society has always accepted when they experiment with different women before to bond to one in particular for the rest of the life.
Now, women can do the same and the man who is the final choice will not hold her record against her.

However, these modern women go one step further.
They do not only experiment and discover and grow by having different sexual relationships with men.
Some of them also get involved emotionally and sexually with other women.
Like the two women recently met.
It is not necessarily lesbianism or even bi-sexuality.
It is more a certain tremendous openness to life without restrictions.
Without having a feeling that it may be forbidden or weird or unnatural.
They sleep together and kiss and caress and sometimes assist each other to have an orgasm
and it is not that big of a deal for them.

This is very different for men.
The man is either heterosexual or homosexual and both is in Europe OK.
But a man who has sexuality with women ànd men is rare to find.
Bi-sexuality is rather exceptional and almost a taboo.

There is of course a very logic reason for this.
A woman who has sexuality with men and women can only be penetrated by the men.
So, very freely she can have sexuality with another woman: the options are limited.
But a man who has sexuality with women and men can penetrate both and be penetrated by men.
The potential consequences for the man are much more serious.
And this stops him from freely and joyfully testing how it is to have sexuality with another man.
Contrary to two women, with two men this penetration thing always hang above them.

The women therefore have potentially a larger freedom concerning experimenting and discovering life in this field.
Good for them.


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raj said...

two women together also looks so aesthetically beautiful!