Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Peace in Iraq

Today the last American soldiers crossed the border of Iraq into Kuwait.
After 7,5 years, a military intervention has ended.
Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi’s have lost their lives.
The Americans lost 4.419 persons in Iraq.
And has paid over 780 billion Dollars for this war.

In spite of what is called the last American soldiers leaving Iraq, 50.000 remain behind.
To train and lead the Iraqi army.
They will leave January 1, 1012.

Is this good news?
That Obama kept his promise to be out of Iraq before August 31?

Any answer to this question could be meaningfull.
There is no right and no wrong in this.

But one could say that this Iraq war, the third Gulf war, was a terrible mistake.
It was started by a bloodthirsty and revengeful President.
And the whole world was manipulated with false information to believe it was the right thing to do.
And to even join the fighting as many other countries did.

Once it started, it was difficult to stop it.
It would have been the recognizing of having made a mistake.
And that is an impossibility for a world power.

Foreign troops are out of Iraq now but the war President Bush started is not over.
The ethnic clashes, in control during the reign of Saddam Hussein, have erupted once Iraq was invaded, the Baath Party made illegal and Sadam hanged.
Even last Tuesday a suicide bomber killed 59 persons.
Obama can claim the job has been finished but it is going to take many years before there is peace in Iraq.


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