Saturday, August 21, 2010

Not too smart but having fun

This Summer in Poland a lot of rain has been falling.
In certain regions of apocalyptic volumes.
Even in the area good cousin Jerzek is living there have been inundations.
People used boats in the streets where normally cars drive.

These heavy rainfalls and subsequently overflowing of rivers comes with electricity supply failure.
For long periods of time the houses have no power.

Not only is good cousin Jerzek an innovative man, he also takes very good care of his family.
So he bought a generator to make his own electricity when needed.
He put it in his garage next to the black Mercedes SL 65 Cabriolet.

And then one day there was heavy rainfall and a problem with the electricity.
The house was without power.
He walked to the garage to start the generator so the refrigerator and the freezer would run again and the water pump to have water in the bathroom and kitchen and to have light and watch TV.
But then in front of the garage good cousin Jerzek used without too much thinking the remote control to open the garage door but nothing happened.
Obviously not.
The garage door opens and closes using electricity.
This had slipped his mind when he put in there the generator.

Of course, this hilarious anecdote, told over dinner with the whole family together, caused heavy laughter.
Nothing personal towards good cousin Jerzek as only to realize together once more that life has funny tricks on us.
To promote more laughter, the proposal was made to open the garage door right before the power cut.
And then another smart member of the family proposed to keep the generator in the living room.

But no, good cousin Jerzek told he could open the garage door by hand using a special tool.
Making life a little bit less absurd.


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