Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Landing on a soft mattress

Several fervent and loyal blog readers have recently noticed some dramatic changes have been taking place in the life of the pioneering photographer.
And many being with this blog for a long time and empathizing strongly with the protagonist would definitely appreciate to be allowed to understand better the current situation.

This sincere request cannot be denied.
And therefore an excerpt will be published here of a letter recently send to a dear friend who has been also a mental coach from the first day the Queen of Dreams entered the life.

“What surprises me is that my feelings for her have evaporated.
I do remember not too long ago I was crazy for her, desiring her, seeing a future with her.
And now there is nothing anymore.
There are moments I wonder if this is normal.
How can a total switch that quick be possible?
Does it say something about the depth of my emotions?
Or am I a survivor who pragmatically fights his way back to happiness again?

With due respect, I think I am normal and have seen that being involved with the Queen of Dreams was destructive and therefore I managed to change course”.

The dear friend and mental coach replied:

“Your feelings changing so dramatically regarding the Queen of Dreams is SO NORMAL.
Yes, you assessed the situation correctly. You are NORMAL, I am sorry to say (ha ha).

Once you had some distance from her, you were able to gain some objectivity and then you realized very deeply how brutal and negatively her existence in your life was.
It is totally normal that you would therefore let go of all your deep feelings for her”.

Now that it is confirmed that it is a normal response to a situation to have some time ago deep feelings that disappeared completely due to the events that took place, there is a comfort and relaxation.
Like landing after a heavy storm on a soft mattress and freely stretching and flexing the body, the mind and the heart.


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RonMack said...

Great analysis. So glad you are happy. By the way, is the Fuso Sulc in your future again. I hope it is waiting in a safe place and is road ready when and if you return to you Baha adventures.

Above all, Enjoy life.
(The Arkansas Architect)