Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where money likes to go

Living in a luxurious house.
Two floors.
Large rooms.
A garden.
Super bathroom.
Well equipped kitchen.
High speed wifi.
Al the comfort imaginable.
But most remarkable is that it is a house that is happy.
The atmosphere in the house is warm and uncomplicated, harmonious and peaceful.

Now they are away for holidays, but normally in this house lives a man and a woman and their two children.
A happy family.

And this brings back to the memory a story once told by an old man when traveling on the island of Sifnos in Greece.
It was a wise old man who had many years of experience in life.
And he told that a business can only prosper when there is a happy family life.
Since then this has been observed on different occasions.
A man and a woman happily married, sometimes with children, but when the relationship falters so does the business they may be in.
When the marriage breaks up and a divorce follows, the business they may have goes down with it.

But the opposite, according to the wise old man from Sifnos in Greece, is true too.
When a man and a woman manage to have a harmonious and peaceful relationship, the business they may have will grow and be secure.

The friends of the house that is currently home, have a happy relationship.
Of course they have their difficult moments, but they manage to overcome them.
By sometimes going to a counseling session or a relationship seminar.
They both work as independent entrepreneurs and are successful.
And this their house shows: there is prosperity.
Nothing materially is lacking.

Money likes to come where happiness is.


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Dawn Pier said...

here! here! It is nice to hear someone not damning money for a change. Money is neither good nor evil - it is merely a tool. And I agree that it also enters where there is love and loving intentions.