Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weird portraits

In 1986 life was in a big house in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
One large space was transformed into a photo studio.
Equipped with Bowens professional flash equipment.

At the time there was an intensive social life.
In Amsterdam were many friends.
And without having a clue today why, these friends were invited in 1986 to come to the house to have their portrait taken in the photo studio.

But the intention was not to make ordinary portraits.
The challenge was to make portraits where one could not see the face.
With other visual solutions an effort was made to show nevertheless a version of the personality of the portrayed person.
And in fact to reveal much more about the person as could be done would the face had been visible.

For about a year friends were invited and not one had any objections.
No objection to come to the photo studio and even not refusing to pose in often rather extravagant ways.

These portraits at the time were widely exhibited and published.
And awarded an important Dutch photo prize.
The portraits were considered rather unusual.

For over twenty years these portraits have been in a dormant state.
But now they have been added to the website http://www.szulc.info
Go to: “works” and click on “Portraits”.

A small selection:



Anonymous said...

good work

Joanna B., Amsterdam

Dawn Pier said...

love these!