Saturday, August 21, 2010

Strategic birthday presents

Arrived in the family home in Poland immediately a huge new machine was spotted in the kitchen.
A big metal juice making machine.
Sophisticated because you put in any fruit and next on one side the juice comes out and on the other side in a plastic container the skin and other garbage of a fruit.

On the same kitchen counter is another complicated machine.
A large round plastic container in which we are supposed to put any kind of fruit or veggies.
Next a four bladed helicopter wing starts turning and messes up everything so well, there is drinkable pulp.

When someone enters a kitchen and these two machines hit the eye, can a fervent and loyal blog reader imagine a question arrises in the bright mind?
Why would a human being need these machines?

Therefore this vital question was asked.
And Irena replied the new impressive machine was the birthday present from her husband, cousin Jerzek.

Herself, she would always make her pulp vitamin rich juice from the old machine.
And didn’t really know first why she got this new machine.
This she discovered the next morning at breakfast.
Her husband asked where was his freshly squeezed fruit juice.

This made her rather disappointed.
Because she had to realize that the new machine was given by Jerzek to her, his beautiful wife as a birthday present in order to have fresh fruit juice with breakfast himself.

Discussing this mean and vile strategy, the war committee consisting of the victim and three more members of the family, a plan was developed.
With a lot of humor and pleasure, because these kinds of things are not picked up to have a conflict about, but to have a continuation of the excellent time the family has together.

Eventually, after hard thinking, a fabulous plan was developed.
Next time Jerzek has his birthday he will get as a present a beautiful vacuum cleaner.
And two days later we will start complaining to him the house is so dusty.


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Anonymous said...

Michel, a great plan, and beautifully hatched. :) It was Emmy's birthday on Woensdag, she insisted i buy her an expensive but very luxurious frying pan, so I did. I'd have rather gotten her something more personal, so I did. A one metre long T-square for her paintings.
De groetjes,
Mick Davidson