Thursday, August 26, 2010

the male Jane

"After the dinner, sitting outside in the cold because many of the party were smoking, but seeing the full moon climb to its zenith, the wine and wodka were making the friends happy and frolic. And it was told by the gorgeous hostess that she and her husband were polygamous. That they were married but nevertheless allowing each other total freedom. When he is with other girls, I just look the other way, she said. Her husband having overheard the conversation and high on vodka said with a voice so loud that the whole party fell silent: “Michel, listen to me. We love group sex”.

This blunt preference of the friends triggered a useful memory.
Once life was in the Netherlands in a provincial town in a huge house with a beautiful woman and her son.
There was a dog, a Chien Briard, as well and two cats.
It was a happy life and of super intense sexuality.
Everything possible was researched and enjoyed.

Then one day an ex-girlfriend came for dinner.
Let’s say her name was Jane.
It was a most pleasant dinner but then too late for her to return home.
So, naturally, she was going to stay and spend the night.
Somehow, because those details have escaped the memory, it was decided to all sleep in one bed.
Once in bed, Jane noticed that her two companions for the night were completely naked because this was how they slept.
“If that’s the case, I’ll take my underwear off too”, she said.

It was a sandwich situation in that bed, the man being the ham and cheese.
And again the memory is not storing who exactly started the whole thing.
Who was the first to start touching someone else’s body.
But the memory still has as a clear film to show how everybody was willing and full of appetite, lust and desire.
It turned into an orgy and explosion of experimenting, enjoying, challenging, overtaking, exploring, laughing, caring and threesome satisfaction.
It was a night not meant to sleep.


After a few hours of rest and vague sleep, the sun rising, the whole promiscuous elation repeated as if never enough of this rare fruit could be enjoyed.

Eventually after communal washing and breakfasting the partner in life had to go to her job.
And a walk was made in the park alone with Jane.
And Jane was sad.

She said that she had an extraordinary experience she would never forget.
But that she also felt at that moment in time very alone.
Because her friends would continue to be a couple and she would continue to be single.
For the friends the happiness in this way would continue but for her it was unknown when such an intimacy would repeat.

Her loneliness through the experience of the night was felt strongly.
And deeply understood.

There had been an extraordinary togetherness.
That would continue for the couple.
But not for Jane.

“Michel, listen to me. We love group sex”.

Fine for you.
But no ambition to become a male Jane.


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am surprised that no one has comments on this post!!!! the silence says it all, maybe.