Monday, August 16, 2010

Through traumas

The house is big and having all comforts.
The life is quiet and relaxed.
Most of the time working on hundreds of images with Photoshop to prepare them for publication in the photo book of the project “The most beautiful people in the world”.

This relaxed, peaceful and harmonious situation gives finally time to reflect on the last eighth months.
A reflection that is not initiated but that comes naturally.
Like when a wild sea has calmed down and the surface now undisturbed see bubbles of air come finally to the surface.
To evaporate in the air.

This naturally occurring reflecting results in flashbacks.
Like seeing short movies of experiences from the recent past.
They pop up in the mind suddenly after they had been forgotten.
But now they return and in detail.
Memories that are horrific and shocking.
Of extreme, excessive, hysteric and aggressive behavior.
So hard to believe now that they were tolerated to happen.
Hard to understand now that the whole affair was not stopped when was clear extreme behavior was epidemic.

All these memories made the memorizer sick.
Physically sick.
Feeling pain in every corner of the body.
Having no more energy.
Suffering of insomnia.
Serious headaches.

The only way to live life was to be immobile.
And to accept that happiness, optimism, joy and bliss had left the stage.

But then the news came that an important newspaper in the Netherlands was going to do a major publication of the project “The most beautiful people in the world”
This great news worked as a bulldozer.
That moved forcefully the sufferer out of the position of digesting the recent past.
To make enter the question: what is so important about it?

Of course when someone has had dramatic and traumatizing experiences, one must work on giving them a safe and non disturbing place in the memory.
But it is important not to have the digesting slip into dwelling.

Now that the mind is surfing again on good energy, guess what: the body is healthy as always.


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