Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Three Dee

After the Second World War slowly TV’s appeared in every household.
Bulky pieces of furniture with a small screen on which a faded black and white image.
But because nothing better had been seen nor was available, people watched with fascination and addiction.

After the black and white TV’s, in the late sixties’, the new TV’s showing a color image were a true revolution.
Color TV was a sensation and soon all black and white TV’s were dumped.

But as of then, nothing shocking has been seen coming to the market.
The color TV’s became bigger and flatter.
The image improved.
High Definition, LCD and LED came available.
But nothing truly revolutionary.

This now is going to change as of the end of this year.
Toshiba, the electronic company from Japan, will launch the first 3D TV for which we will not need these silly 3D glasses anymore.
The trick is to project inside the TV the image on the screen from different angles.
Called the “multi-parallax” technique.
Nine separate images are projected with a 1280 x 800 effective resolution and 480 nits of brightness.
There is a 30 degree horizontal viewing angle so the couch must be right in front of the TV for the best view.

Toshiba 3D TV prototype

This will be a tremendous breakthrough.
Because 3D TV is the future.
It will replace all the TV’s now in living-rooms.

We should be aware though that we are the people from after the Second World War who are the first to have spend a substantial part of their income on electronics.
Imagine how much an average person spends in a life time on TV’s, mobile phones, computers, laptops, Nintendos and watches?
And this because the development of the technique goes so fast.
Within a life time, for example TV, has gone from black and white to color to now 3D.
Same for computers.
It would not have made any difference to us if the coming on the market of color TV or 3D TV had been taking 50 years instead of 10 years.
Except that we would have been able to spend that money on for example a better education for the kids.

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Anonymous said...

yes, technology has changed the world. i did over 3,000 articles on a typewriter. when i look back, i cant believe it though it is true. now writing is sooo easy. computers and mobile phones have made life so easy. one can live anywhere now and switch on a tv and watch the world. this can de-congest urban spaces, and for the technologically dependent life is getting easier. technology has zillions of applications and will determine the new caste system -- those who have it and those who don't. the world belongs to the tech whiz kids for sure!!!