Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You're bad because I feel bad.

Several times she has said that the glory days as an artist photographer are very far in the past now.
And that achievements since those glory days were but a shady imitation.

The first time this judgmental opinion was expressed, forceful opposition was presented to try to prove it was not true.
But when this opinion returned on another occasion nevertheless, in spite of factual evidence of the opposite, it was understood there was something behind it.

Why would someone say that the days of glory are long gone when worldwide successes have been experienced since then and even now the work gets in the worldwide spotlight entertaining and enriching people all over the globe?
It is now a career spanning 40 years and still the results of recent work are published in newspapers, magazines and as a book.
The nature of the work still makes journalists worldwide interested resulting in radio and TV appearances.

So why would someone say the days of glory are long behind?

Explanations could be that the person is jealous.
That the person herself is unable to have made anything that could be awarded any glory.
Not in the past, not today.
And therefore is unable to enjoy the success of another person.
If the success is destroyed, it stops the feeling of jealousy and to have to realize the own inadequacy.

Or, as a dear friend explained, the criticism is not at all about the photographer targeted .
It is criticism that should not be taken personally because it is about the one who critiques.
Who enjoys feeling generally negative.
The critic feels fundamentally unhappy and unsatisfied with life and existence and society.
Not being able to find a successful way of living herself and therefore projecting this complex issue of being lost in life on other persons.

Such a person should be approached with compassion.
But not much more can be done for the person.
As only that the person herself should learn to see that life can be glorious no matter what are the results in the work.
And next to master to live in a glorious way and that possibly results in glory in the work.

If criticism comes from an internal personal frustration, it immediately devaluates itself.
The criticism is about the critic, not about the target.
The expressed opinion continues the state of being of the criticaster.
While for the same money someone could be inspired and motivated by the activities of the other person that attracted the attention.


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