Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Human Shop

There are many friends in the life.
Some are very dear friends.
Some are long time friends.
Some are special friends.
And one is a lovely friend: last night was dinner with him in a nice restaurant.

As so often the subject of conversation was how high the level of humanity is in situations of work.
If there is still enough empathy and concern for others or that it is mostly these days about one thing only: how to make money out of the other.

The fantasy was to open a shop where selling products was not the primary purpose.
But to allow people to come in for conversation and sharing to begin with.
And that after the socializing possibly purchasing a product from the shop becomes the interaction.

This is nothing new as a sales strategy.
In many countries in the developing world selling and buying is a social activity.
An excuse to meet and to socialize.
To chat about each other’s families.

Of course in those societies with humane market activities time is accepted in life in a different way.
Priority is given to ways of living that are in the developed world rejected.

But would people in the developed world be prepared to pay a little extra if in a shop they were pampered personally?
If genuine interest in their lives was demonstrated?

A shop for humans?
The Human Shop.

One this becomes successful, the next step will be to start an airline where the passengers are not treated like cattle.
Air Human.


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