Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Homo erotic pillows

When one books a night in the Holiday Inn Hotel in Warsaw, Poland, one must take good care.
As was experienced there last night, a serious homo-erotic dream came from the comfortable room and filled the theater of the mind.
It might be something in the pillows…
They are of the highest quality, the Holiday Inn Hotel in Warsaw, Poland claims in a brochure they put on the bed for the guest to see when entering the room.
It is a synthetic, medium support and anti allergenic pillow but one can also request a “natural down-feather, soft” pillow.

The dream was about a boyfriend of a girlfriend.
He was in the same bed as there was in the Holiday Inn Hotel in Warsaw and what is called in street language, “the balls”, those things of the boyfriend of the girlfriend were caressed.
While thinking that never before in the life the scrotum of another man had been caressed.
This homo-erotic dream, full of originality and surprise, was the first one ever.
Never before such a theme or such actions have been experienced, performed or imagined in the land of the thousand dreams.
With women often, but never ever with a man.
Swear to God.

This was not the only thing remarkable of the Holiday Inn Hotel in Warsaw, Poland.
The rate there for a nice room is about $ 110 / € 85
Not cheap but then it is a four star hotel.

But surprisingly, some Holiday Inn rabbits come out of the hat.

This room rate of $ 110 / € 85 doesn’t include breakfast.
For the buffet breakfast, scrambled eggs in a metal container cooked an hour ago and standing in line with other hotel guests with a plate in the hand loading and balancing it, one have to pay in the Holiday Inn Hotel in Warsaw, Poland, a stunning $ 26 / € 20.
For the price level of food and labor in Poland, this is a very expensive breakfast.

But Holiday Inn Hotel Warsaw has another trick to make money.
The hotel room has Internet but it is not for free.
A guest who wants to access the internet from the hotel room has to pay another $ 26 / € 20.

Hence, staying in the Holiday Inn Hotel in Warsaw, Poland, increases almost 50 % in price for amenities that are included in the room price in most hotels.

The old fashioned TV with a poor image has 28 channels.
Many of them in the Polish language.
But one can order a video.
Costing $ 21 / € 16 per film.
A price rarely paid in a movie theatre.

This kind of policy is not very customer friendly.
One feels to be the subject of a monster that wants to squeeze the most money as possible out of the guest.

More so because the lovely girl at the reception smilingly tells that Internet is available for free in the lobby.
Well, not exactly.
Next to the lobby is the bar and cafeteria and they have made it precisely so that WIFI is available in the bar and in the cafeteria but not in the lobby.
Hence, one must buy a beer or a snack, to get on the Internet.

Is the Holiday Inn Hotel in Warsaw, Poland then recommended or not?
Well, the homo-erotic dream is for free.



Anonymous said...

ha always intrigued when nobody comments on your 'sexy' posts. is it hypocrisy, fear, embarrassment or what???

every man and every woman, every dog and every cat, loves sex. so why the silence???

Anonymous said...

thanx for the warning

Ivonka C.

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