Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sometimes a coward

There is a well known square in Amsterdam.
Called the “Leidseplein”.

Crossing this square yesterday a very famous TV and theatre producer was spotted by the name of Joop van den Ende.
He was accompanied by his wife and an entourage including a photographer.

Joop van den Ende

Not too far from the square, a bench was used to sit down and make a phone call.
Soon Joop van den Ende appeared with his entourage and right in front they started a photo session.
He and his wife were photographed in different poses.

Joop van den Ende is a multimillionaire of high influence.
Having companies in the media and probably the most important authority in that field.

When seeing this man being photographed the idea was born to approach him, offer the business card and say:
“Excuse me, Mr. van den Ende but I have just finished a worldwide photo project showing the most beautiful people in the world. In a few weeks the photo book of this photo project will be ready and I invite you to visit the website and see the most beautiful people for yourself.
Please let me know after seeing them what you think.”

The thinking was that before his security, his assistant and the photographer would interrupt and protect him, this message could be given to him.

He probably would listen and maybe go to the website.
And from then any thing could happen.
Which includes nothing at all or some involvement of one of his companies.

So, the photo session continued and meanwhile this plan of action was considered.
But there was no jumping up and a steadfastly approach of the media tycoon.
Because the protagonist was caged in feelings of insecurity.
Not having enough courage for such a bold action.
Full of doubts while the thinking was coming up with more reasons not to simply walk up to the man and calmly explain in short the project “The most beautiful people in the world”.

It was the worst time in the life.
One side wanting to approach the man, one side being a coward and too intimidated.

Obviously Joop van den Ende had spotted the dualistic photographer sitting on the bench.
He noticed how he was observed.
But he made no move.

Eventually it was time to leave while the photo session was still going on.
Walking away it happened that Joop van den Ende was passed by at less than one meter.
That’s three feet.
And he openly looked right into the eyes with friendliness and kindness.
And even then, fervent and loyal blog readers, there was too much intimidation, shyness, cowardice and fear to simply speak a few words to this man and offer him a business card.

The next appointment was with very dear friends and immediately they were briefed about the total failure.
Explaining what had happened did the feeling of being a coward grow.
What was there to lose, the friends asked.
Would Joop van den Ende not have listened?
Not have accepted the business card?
And the more it was realized how inadequate life had been lived, the more feelings of shame filled the heart.
It is hard to live with the knowledge to be sometimes a coward.


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