Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A new camper

Recently a new 4x4 camper was found on the Internet.

Build by a company in Leverkusen, Germany called Procab.
They use a truck for their camper from Italy: an Iveco.
Called an Iveco Daily 4x4, it is not a normal van transformed into an all wheel drive truck.
It is build from the ground up as a real 4x4 vehicle.
With three differential locks, high and low gear and 24 gears.
The engine is a 4 cylinder three liter diesel with turbo charger and fuel injection producing an impressive 176 HP.

Procab uses for their model called Globo an interesting floorplan.

They integrate the cabin to the camper part by making the two seats in the cabin turn backwards.
They pirouette.
In that way there is not only a dinette, but two very comfortable arm chairs as well.
Procab Globo’s floor plan also has the front window of the truck as the panoramic view from the sitting area.

Another interesting feature of this camper is that above the bed a huge part of the roof can open.
Great for cooling, fresh air and seeing the stars.

This is a great camper for travelers that go off road.
The Iveco Daily 4x4 is equal in its capabilities as a Unimog.
But much cheaper, more economic with fuel and easier to maintain.

This Procab Globo camper is on the European market.
But not available in the USA.
While it is a handy thing.
The camper unit is as big as found on the larger expedition vehicles.

But the Procab Globo has a smaller truck although strong enough to handle the load.
Therefore, with this Procab Globo one can reach places a bigger expedition vehicle cannot come.
And this for considerable less money.

There is a consideration to go to Leverkusen in Germany and visit the factory.
And test drive this Procab Globo.
What a great posting that would make !


The website of Procab:



Trevor said...

While I'm sure its a very capable truck itself, There's no way that Iveco is as capable as a Unimog. The Unimog's portal axles, approach and departure angles as well as water fording capabilities are in a class of there own.

sesilia said...

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sesilia said...

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Blue Turtle said...

Nice camper but in no way it compares to a Unimog or any other 4X4 camper, built on the chassis of a truck. Take the drive to S Africa and let's see.

Anonymous said...

Iveco Daily is a truck and has a frame chassis, it is not Fiat Ducato that is unibody.
It is not an Unimog, but it cost about half of an Unimog.