Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a cosmos of quality

Now life is in a small house of a friend.
This friend has never been met.
There have been a few e-mail communications and a few things are known about her but in general she is a totally unknown.

This makes it so interesting to be in this small house.
It is decorated and there are many objects and each item tells something about who she is.

Step by step things are learned about her.
Aspects discovered.
Where are her interests.
What she is doing.

Her house tells she is a very nice person.
There are two huge cats who are in spite of their nature very friendly and shyless.
And soon one can understand her life is centered around two things.
One is her boyfriend.
And the other is the yoga she is practicing.
And it is obvious why there are these two centers: it is a woman who is full of love.
Celebrating life in a simple and honest and pure way.

It is a privilege to be in this house.
To enter and stay in a cosmos of quality.

Her name is Patricia.
Which means: noble.


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