Friday, September 3, 2010

How does the butterfly find honey?

The night the luggage was unpacked in the room that looked identical to the many rooms nights were spent in hotels all over the world.

And again, as so many times, in this unknown metropolitan city, the way had to be found.
The restaurant where was the meeting.
The shop where to buy breakfast.

And in the morning the luggage was packed again and the waiting outside the hotel was for the shuttle bus to the airport.
It was during this waiting that the thought developed whether this was the life that fulfilled a possible ambition.
The life of traveling, hotels, restaurants, needing to find the way all the time.

Was that a fulfillment and a way to load life?
This life style a happy making diode between birth and death?

It is not the hotel room anymore: that is as it is when traveling.
It is the constant not knowing where the things can be found that are looked for that sometimes raise a question.

When living in a town or a village for years, there is never doubt where to get a loaf of bread.
In fact, very few doubts ever arise when in that circumstance of living.
Over time it is learned where the things that are needed can be obtained .

But hitting a new town is diving into the unknown.
Always to have to do research.
Study maps.
Ask people.
Wonder around.

So, is this the way it is wanted?
This thought spinning around in front of the hotel.
The shuttle bus not yet there.

And a yes or a no, the precise answer to that question: it didn’t land down from the spinning.
The philosophizing resulted in a thought though.
This life is lived like the one of the butterfly.
Flying anywhere.
And always finding honey.

Flying today to the Netherlands.



luvglass said...

We have very similar feelings. After almost 5 years of living in the RV, we are averaging moving every 6 days. When we know where everything is, one of us will say "time to move".


Anonymous said...

it's getting gayer en gayer...;-)

Ivonka C.