Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hope for home

It is still dark in Brittany, France and on this Sunday morning most people still sleep.
But not the persons that are full of excitement for traveling today.
Again moving from one country to the other.
From one village to a new town.
From one house to the next.

But underneath is a violent and strong undercurrent of desire for returning to the simplicity of living that is practiced in Mexico.
In Europe now, publishing a photo book, life is covered by a melange of many aspects.
Some aspects pleasant, some complicated, some most annoying, some amusing, some irritating, some lovely, some disappointing, some enlightening.
All together they group around living and need to be carried and digested and solved and eventually left behind.
To be open again for the Pacific Ocean, the endless view where pelicans fly by and every aspect of life is connected to nature.
Where noting is complicated.
Where nothing is stressful.



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