Monday, September 20, 2010

we are all busy

She said, but then you are very busy.
In spite of everything that has happened there are still telephone conversations and occasionally meetings on neutral territory.

But to be very busy, as she was imagining, is an unknown concept.
One thing is done followed by another thing.
And that is always the situation.
Never it happens that one thing is done not followed by another thing.
Even lazy people live by this rule: they watch TV and then get a beer from the fridge followed by a bite and then a nap.
A series of small events that fill their lives as much as the series of events that take place in the life of the general manager of Pepsi Cola.
Therefore, nobody among us is more important than anybody else.
We all do things, one thing after the other thing, and also our excrements are colored in the same way.


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Anonymous said...

Nice portrait of you and another handsome man on your blog today ;-)