Monday, September 13, 2010

simplifying life

Fulminating against the technical complexity we have planted our lives in, expressed yesterday in the daily blog, we fortunately will see there is also another side to this coin.

Fiat, the Italian car maker, now selling vehicles in the USA as well after they took over Chrysler, has put on the market a Fiat 500 that has a two cylinder engine like the French 2CV from the 1960’s.

It is a gasoline fueled engine of 0.9 liter with a turbo and start-stop technology.
It has an amazing 85 horsepower and performs better than existing 1.2 liter engines.
This car has a top speed of 108 miles per hour and you get out of one gallon of gasoline 57 miles.
Obviously this Fiat engine is more friendly to our environment than any bigger engine.

Another anti-complexity tool we can choose for is a new mobile phone.
Called the John’sPhone.

It is made as simple as possible.

Like being simlock-free.
You can put in any sim card you like.
Prepaid, national and international cards, etc

Because it is Quadband the John’sPhone can be used anywhere in the world.
The phone has only one ringtone and three choices for volume.
On the back of this phone is a holder for a notebook and a pen on which to write by hand names and phone numbers.

There is no screen on the John’sPhone but on the top you can see phone numbers you call or receive.
Because the John’sPhone is so simple it hardly uses any energy.
It has a standby time of three weeks.
There is though a high/low battery indicator.
There is the option to have maximum ten numbers stored in the memory of the John’sPhone.
This super simple phone costs € 69,95 - $ 89 but when it becomes a success and mass production results, price will drop seriously.

Ok, let’s make a call then with a John’sPhone from a Fiat 500.


To learn more about the John’sPhone, click on:

To learn more about the Fiat 500, click on:


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