Thursday, September 9, 2010

Did or did he not win $ 6.343.000

Now living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in an apartment equipped with a large flat panel TV, sometimes programs are watched.
Inevitably this means seeing commercials as well.
During those moments the ceiling and the decorations on the wall of the living room are studied and the sound of the TV is switched off just not to hear and see these annoying clips for spending money.

Nevertheless sometimes commercials were seen in spite of the preventing actions and one of those commercials were about the National Lottery.
As if it was a pressing matter and of the most ultimate urgency it was informed that in two days it would be known who was the winner of the € 7.000.000 ( $ 8.800.000 ) jackpot and the many other prizes.

And then a curious thing happened when having finished drinking a café latte in the coffee shop around the corner last morning.
The course was not to go back to the temporary home.
Somehow and miraculously the steps went to the cigar shop on the other side of the street.
Where they have tickets for the National Lottery.
And the lady was asked to sell one of them.

She said: you have any preference for a number?
Because these tickets come out of an electronic machine.
A preference for a number of a ticket for the National Lottery?
Hell, yes!
The winning number of course.
This she could not guarantee.
So now it is “ ED 027809 “.
And what this wins we will know later today.

This behavior of seeing a commercial on TV and then without any spine or character visit a cigar shop to buy a € 15 ( $ 19 ) lottery ticket, is highly condemnable.
And not fitting at all in regular way of thinking and the policy for life permanently applied.
You could say it was a moment of having left the own body and mind and having become one of the characters in George Orwell’s book 1984.
Dumb, low consciousness, materialistic, no awareness, no spirituality, easy to influence and manipulate.
Is the time lived in Europe this Summer too long?

But there is another side to the story and the auto flagellation.
What if today this lottery ticket is awarded with a prize of let’s say € 5.000.000 ?
That is $ 6.343.000 bucks, mister.
Will anybody claim it was foolish to visit the cigar shop?

What happens next will always remain a mystery.
If the lottery ticket doesn’t bring in a penny, shame and guilt will prevent to report this publicly.
If the contrary happens, the lottery ticket wins a couple of millions, better not to make this public because of the all flies that will come to the honey.



luvglass said...

I think it's time to return to the ocean my friend.

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Dawn Pier said...

In Canada at least a percentage of the funds from the lottery are donated to worthy charities. Netherlands being an advanced and socialized society, I would expect may be the same. Therefore, think of it not with guilt, but with pride for making a donation. And even if it is not the case that the money goes to a charity, you have given your money to someone else, which one could argue is also a very good cause.