Sunday, September 5, 2010

a child a work of art

Temporary lodging has been found in exactly the same street in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where 15 years were lived.
In fact, from the current window a fantastic view is seen of the house once owned.
Therefore, sometimes, reminiscing takes place now and memories come back of the time when life was lived in that house.
Very clearly it can be pictured how the interior looked: the furniture, the African masks and international tapestry on the walls.
But also clearly are the friends remembered that dined and partied in that house.
And of course the women that shared the life in that wonderful dwelling.

Yesterday was an invitation to come to the street dinner the current inhabitants of the street had organized.
They had obtained permission from the authorities to block the street from any traffic.
And parked cars were absent.

Everybody brought food and drinks and the children could play without limits because the street was theirs.

One child in particular was observed.
An 11 year old boy.
The son of two of the best friends.

And it was realized seeing this boy manifest himself that he was as much a work of art as any product of an artist.
He is like a painting.
Created by his parents who have been putting their best in this boy.
Teaching him to be kind, helpful, honest, loyal, fair and many other aspects of life.

A boy was seen that was in balance.

Kind and nice.
Happy too.

An artist can look at his oeuvre and be content with what he has been making.
But a parent can look at the child and be as content.


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