Thursday, September 30, 2010

ET in LA

California is magical.
This is not a romantic interpretation, but a conclusion based on facts.

Take two incidents that happened yesterday.

In Barnes & Nobles, a huge and beautiful bookshop, a paperback was bought.
It was recommended by one of the many fervent and loyal blog readers and those advices are always followed up.
Stieg Larsson’s “The girl with the dragon tattoo”.
A popular book: Mr. Larsson cashed in on already 21 million copies sold.

After the purchase of the book different other activities filled the beautiful sunny and warm day when it was time to have lunch.
Of course a Japanese restaurant was selected to have a bento box with a cup of green tea.
At one of the tables a man was sitting reading a book.
After some time it was discovered that the book he was reading was “The girl with the dragon tattoo”.
The book that was just bought in Barnes & Nobles.

Immediately the man was approached to inform him about this weird coincidence.
If it was that.
It didn’t make him feel more comfortable.
One could see he didn’t know what to think of the event.
A man approaching and talking in a public restaurant about something connecting.
Maybe he was too involved in the book which is a crime story and he believed that the whole thing was a set up for an affaire du coeur or a rough robbery in the planning.

But nevertheless, how often does it happen that a book is bought and one hour later someone is spotted reading that very book?

But the magic of California didn’t stop there.

A visit some time later to the Best Buy shop.
To inquire about loudspeakers for the truck as one is deforming the music.
Leaving the shop the section of music CD’s was passed and a stop was made.
To check if any CD was there with music of a band called “The Jefferson Airplane”.
Nothing interesting was found, the shop was left to get into the Hyundai car.
The engine was started, the XM radio came on with music and the song heard was of “The Jefferson Airplane”…
The song titled “Miracles”.

If only you believe like I believe, baby
We'd get by
If only you believe in miracles, baby
So would I

Now, again, how often does it happen that a person looks for a CD in a shop of a particular band to return to the car, to switch on the radio and then to hear that very band?

It can only be because it is in California.
Remember, of all places, E.T. was also left behind in Los Angeles.


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