Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Datastorm storm.

The first day in Mexico the town of San Quintin was reached.
It was arranged to meet friends Andreas and Ute at trailer park "El Pabellon" not far South from the town.

It was great to see oneother again and many stories were told while enjoying a beautiful dinner.

But meanwhile efforts were made to get on the Internet.
Which were all in vain.

Last Sunday trouble was experienced already but the expert advice of Mike Apache, the Datastorm installer, seemed to have solved the technical complications.
Therefore it was decided it was safe to travel into Mexico believing by re-booting the router the problems were solved.

But not so.
Last night and the whole mornign everything was tried to get on the Internet but with no success.
And it is impossible to determin what exactly is the matter.

The decision had to be made to return to the USA.
To look for someone in San Diego who is an expert of Datastorm and who is able to fix it.

After leaving "El Pabellon" a stop was made in the town of San Quintin to visit an Internet café to make the daily posting.

But soon it is hoped things are back to normal and peacefully the journey into Mexico can be re-started.
For this though a long and winding road needs to be followed all the way back to San Diego.

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