Monday, June 25, 2007

It's the hormones.

Travelling from Ciudad Constitucion to the capital of the peninsula Baja California Sur in Mexico called La Paz.

A larger town where it is always a pleasure to stay.
For the first time it is not possible to spend the nights at the Aquamarina trailer park.
It is closed forever and the owners, Richard and Maria Luisa Adcock, can finally enjoy a life free of all the obligations running a trailer park.
Aquamarina RV Park was a beautiful campground.
Richard and Maria Luisa very warm, polite and hospitable people.
They are applauded and warmly thanked for all the years of offering beautiful shelter.

In La Paz a day of meetings with friends.
And each meeting had something remarkable.

Walking with German friend Claudia in La Paz looking for a street called Guillermo Prieto.
The signs on the corners telling the names of the streets had disappeared and we got lost.
We didn’t know anymore which street we were in and where was the street we were looking for.
We told each other we needed to meet a person who could give us adequate directions.
But there was nobody else in the streets at this hour of day in the plus 35 degrees Centigrade (95 degrees Fahrenheit) temperatures.
Two minutes later we reached a street corner and in a façade a rather dark door was noticed on which was written: “Restaurant Bismarck”.
Claudia, being German, was surprised to see a restaurant in La Paz, Mexico, called after a German statesman of the past.
We wondered if they served Sauerkraut mit Bratwurst.

We went on slightly dazed and confused and definitely lost when a woman came out of the restaurant.
She wore a shirt of the Restaurant Bismarck and called after us.
“Can I help you maybe?”, she said.
Yes she could.
Give directions to the street called Guillermo Prieto.
And informing that no, they did not serve German food.

Later that day a cup of tea with Swiss friend Esther.
The conversation became rather philosophical.
And the tea changed for wine.
What about those people they claim they are happy?
Is being happy a constant state of being?
According to friend Esther it is not.
Happiness is not a permanent emotion.
It comes and goes.
Decided by the chemistry in your body.
One can wake up in the morning and feel happy.
Or one can wake up and not feel happy.
It’s the hormones, according to Esther.
Whatever is the explanation, having our conversation brought some happy moments.

Later that evening a meeting with friend Don Rafaël and his son Erik.
Very nice and warm people of an old Mexican ranchero family.
Don Rafaël, now in his 70’s, has been a heavy smoker all his life.
Until last year when he was diagnosed to have cancer in his oesophagus.
He stopped smoking immediately, had radio and chemotherapy and also made an important decision.
He told himself, his family and his friends: “I am not sick”.
This was rather peculiar because the therapies made him look pale and skinny and he lost all his hair.
But he insisted he was not sick and didn’t want to be approached and dealt with as a sick man.
Everybody accepted his attitude and now, more than a year later, he finished his therapies, has his hair back and is free of the cancer.
Don Rafaël is a man who inspires.

Three meetings in La Paz.
Three beautiful and wonderful events.

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Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski said...

Friend Esther lets us know:

"By the way,I don't think the hormones make us happy,more something like chemistry (but hormones can make us unhappy!)"