Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Homage to Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

Returned to Punta Boca del Salado.
On the Southeast coast of the peninsula Baja California, Mexico.
Where the Gonzales family have their rancho raising cattle, making cheese and selling the water from their well to the Gringo’s living in the area.

Returning means first sitting down in the open kitchen of Ketcha Gonzales and telling each other the events of the last months.
If everything is well with the family, the friends and the work.
In this order.

Next stop is the dog very well known with fervent and loyal blog readers called Gorba.

The dog who got it in his head that it is fun to attack charming ladies and bite them in the legs and to go after the goats to kill one or two like a vampire.
For these frivolities Gorba is attached to a tree with a chain to prevent him from being too excessive in existence.

Sometimes the fantasy comes up that this is all a scam.
That in fact Gorba lives a life like in a five stars hotel.
With twice a day gourmet organic dog food and the purest water from Greenland to drink.
With a low couch to rest on during the day and a climate controlled doghouse with the softest cushions made to spend the nights.
And once a week a visit of a dog in heat.
Some hours before the arrival of the Fuso Santek he is quickly taken out of his royal environment and attached with a chain to the tree.

This fantasy is similar to a repeating fantasy in childhood.
When extraordinary things happened, it was often believed that in fact it was all organised by the parents.

Gorba is in excellent shape.
Well muscled, no flees, well fed and no wounds.

Alfredo, his official owner, has now made a long metal wire attached at both ends to the ground.
A chain is between this long metal wire and Gorba giving him some distance to move.

Although about 35 degrees Centigrade (95 Fahrenheit), Mr. Gorba had neither food nor water available.
While Alfredo was peacefully watching a soap opera at his nearby brother’s Gumaro’s rancho.

Of course this was quickly taken care of and Gorba drank like he crossed waterless a desert but ignored the beautiful food specially brought from La Paz.

Now there is the daily routine again.
In the morning he is served a bowl of dog food and gets fresh water.
After siesta he is liberated from the chain and taken on a 2 hours long walk along the sea.
Remarkable is that after the walk he voluntarily returns to his spot under the tree and waits to be chained again.
Gorba’s homage to the theory of classical conditioning of Ivan Petrovich Pavlov.


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