Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A day of 29 hours.

The airline was U.S. Airways and they use a Boeing 757 on their route from Philadelphia, USA to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
A great plane.
One aisle and three seats on each side.
A nice interior and comfortable.
But the plane coming from Philadelphia was delayed.
The passengers had to wait at Schiphol, the international airport of Amsterdam.
This was not a problem because it is one of the best airports in the world with many shops, but also with a church, a mosque, a meditation space, a casino to gamble, a place to have a massage and to take a shower.
But the head and the heart were full with the recent conversation with Mayumi and even reading the Herald Tribune was too difficult.
Inability to concentrate as the thoughts and emotions were spinning around one point only.

This continued in the airplane were luck struck having no passenger as a neighbour but an empty chair.
This gives more room and an extra space to put things.
The one seat away neighbour was a woman from South Carolina who had been with a team of dentists to Nairobi in Kenya to work as volunteers fixing the teeth of poor people.

Approaching Philadelphia already huge clouds could be seen and once landed a terrible thunderstorm dumped masses of rain on the airport.
All air traffic was temporarily cancelled.
It was announced that all planes had delays and eventually more than 6 hours were spent at Philadelphia’s airport waiting for the plane to leave for Los Angeles.
The flight from Amsterdam, after the two hours waiting there, had been eight hours, therefore the six hours waiting in Philadelphia was a very long and more and more tiring time.
Once in the airplane the waiting continued.
At one point the pilot even switched off the engines because traffic control predicted it would take more than an hour before we would be able to take off.

It was already dark when finally the Airbus 340 took off.
Five hours flying to Los Angeles and it was half an hour after midnight Californian time when outside the airport building waiting for the Howard Johnson Hotel shuttle bus to come and pick their guest up.
That took more than half an hour and eventually to lay down on the bed happened at 1.30 AM.

This was a day of 29 hours without sleep, rest nor relaxation.
Just travelling: waiting, sitting, and walking.

At 1.30 AM in California it is 9.30 AM in Europe and after having been there for three weeks the body lives on the European schedule.
To go to sleep at 9.30 AM is contrary to what the body was recently used to.
But it has been learned not to make a fuss about that.
A pill containing melatonin is swallowed and without any thinking sleep is expected to come.
This trick works, also of being rather exhausted of operating life for 29 hours.

At 7.00 AM time to wake up and to have a simple breakfast.
Next to catch the Howard Johnson Hotel shuttle bus back to the airport to find the Prime Time shuttle bus booked for the trip to Riverside and Santek Trailers.

At 10.45 AM the Fuso Santek expedition vehicle and the Santek friends were encountered again.

Tomorrow there will be a report on what happened with the Fuso Santek in the last three weeks.
What improvements have been made.

Time now for another melatonin and some hours of sleep before to go to San Diego tomorrow morning to see the Mitsubishi truck dealer to resolve two issues with the truck.
The steering wheel is in an angle of 45 degrees when driving straight ahead and on the dashboard a yellow light has come up saying: “Check engine”.


Ted said...

Where does all the money came from for your world travels and your custom RV. Just Wondering?

Robert Hill said...

Howdy Michel, Good to have you back, hope to see more photo's of the santek on your travels south. Robert