Friday, June 29, 2007

Out of a coma.

In the past we have been discussing on this blog the issue of painting the Fuso Santek.
The original idea was to paint the whole camper box in the same colour as the Mitsubishi truck cabin: Jupiter green.
Several of the fervent, loyal and concerned blog readers advised against this intention.
Explaining it would have a very negative effect on inside temperatures.

Nevertheless the intention to paint the camper box green was stubbornly pursued and it was a matter of waiting until friend Gumaro Gonzales had arranged the project with his friend who has a body paint shop in San Jose del Cabo.

However, yesterday there was a visitor.
Long time friend Fred came by.

Fred is an extraordinary person.
Many years ago we had a friend who became a victim of a serious car accident.
Juan Carlos got into a coma but nevertheless we would go and visit him.
Refusing to believe that the coma was going to be a permanent one.
Fred would sit next to Juan Carlos, touch him and talk.
Talk like he could hear us but was temporarily unable to respond.
While Juan Carlos’ beautiful sister Veronica was feeding and nursing him, Fred would simply touch and talk and pull.
It was an amazing spectacle to see a man totally convinced and exercising powers few people have.
Eventually, after weeks, the magical thing happened: Juan Carlos came back.
Came out of his coma.
And the beautiful thing was that Fred was not trumpeting at all about his decisive involvement.

Juan Carlos is still visited of course and has made an almost full recovery.
Each time he shows the pictures which were made while he was in coma and Fred pulling him out and Juan Carlos explains how important this all is for him.
A hole in his memory filled with images.

Fred was very impressed with the Fuso Santek.
But when he heard about the plan to paint the camper box green, he got very excited.
“Miguel, how can you do that?
It would be a BIG mistake!”
He explained in detail what a stupid idea this was.
And the same reasons were heard as many fervent and loyal blog readers had been so kind to present.
And had been explained as well by good friend John in Temecula, California.

Fred suggested another approach.
Once he had a fifth wheeler which was completely white and on special request to the manufacturer, without any decorations.
A red truck pulled this white trailer.
Fred felt the same later that his trailer was simply too white.
He went to a body shop in the USA and had striping ordered in the same colour as his truck.
On the sides of his trailer he had this striping glued artistically breaking the white and making the whole thing pretty and attractive.

It was like coming out of a coma.
Suddenly it was realized that Fred was right.
That this was the best to do.
And it was remembered how exactly the same suggestion was made, including examples, by a fervent and loyal blog reader several months ago.

The friend of Gumaro with the body shop in San Jose del Cabo has been cancelled.
And more than 1.000 $ saved.
Soon the trip will start to return to the USA.
And in the Temecula area a body shop must be found that can do this job.
Including some lettering on the back of the Fuso Santek.
In Jupiter green.

This Saturday night is dinner with Fred in a restaurant in Cabo Pulmo.
Obviously he will be invited.


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