Monday, June 4, 2007

Having homes in the heart.

The view from the window of the Gerona airport building shows Boeings from the airline Ryanair.
One of the cheapest airlines in Europe but it has its disadvantages.
One can only bring one suitcase of 15 kilos (33 pounds) maximum.
Every kilo more costs 3 Euros (4 $) extra.
There is also no seat assigning so passengers fight their way in to get on their preferred seats.
Soon a plane will leave from Gerona Airport to a town in the South of Holland called Eindhoven from where a train goes to Amsterdam, the final destination of today.

This concludes two very exciting days in the village of Cadaques in Spain.
It has been a very remarkable experience meeting the many friends again and share with them intense moments.

A visit to Europe in the future will not happen without going to Cadaques again.
There are too many memories to relive.
Too many friends to see again.
Too much to enjoy of beauty and harmony.

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