Friday, June 15, 2007

Fuso fixing.

The thing with a custom-made expedition vehicle is that it is a step-by-step process.
It is not a creation that is ready and perfect immediately after its birth.

The spasms can be divided into two groups.
After using it for some time improvements are needed and installed equipment changed.

Here are some of the changes and improvements made to the Fuso Santek this time.

A storage box has been build and mounted in between the two seats of the truck cabin.

The toilet bowl has been replaced for a Sealand of Dometic.
Replacing the Thetford.
Reason was that the Thetford had a bowl design for male midgets, a poor seat of plastic and the external shower was leaking.
Which was good of the Thetford was the flushing: like in an airplane.
Now the Fuso Santek offers a Sealand of Dometic with a deep bowl safe for the big boys among us, a wooden seat and a flush pedal on the left that can be lifted up for extra water.

Because part of the desk was damaged, a whole new desktop was put into the Fuso Santek.

In one corner of the desk a vertical console was made for extra storage and to have the Wireless Weather Station in an excellent position for reading its information.

Another console was made for the large digital clock, short wave radio and the XM radio.
Sitting in the chair at the desk it was impossible to read the information on the three monitors.
LCD displays need to be seen as straight as possible to be able to read the information.
The angle of this console was calculated from sitting in the office chair.

The water pump was removed.
And replaced by a high output one in another location.
Now the water pump is outside the camper box and having the “Silencing kit”.

The monitor of the back up camera system was replaced for a larger one.

Several other issues have been taken care of as well.
And not everything is resolved yet.
More fine-tuning needs to happen before the new journey into Mexico can start.

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