Sunday, June 17, 2007

Flimsy films

Last night in Temecula, California, with dear friends John and Beverly, the film “The Queen” was seen.
Well, it cannot be claimed actually the film was seen as sleep overtook.
It was not because of being tired but it was because the film was boring.
The film has been a success and scored well at the latest Oscar Awards but the problem was that it was impossible to believe in the characters and in the story.

Two problems.

An actress playing the Queen not very much looking like the real Queen.
An actor playing Prime Minister Tony Blair who didn’t look like Tony Blair at all.
This was for all the characters in the film.
Not looking like the persons they are in real life.

Second problem was that the story of the film shows how behind the scenes things went during historical events, like the death of Princess Diana.
Not many people know for example what happened in the living room of the Queen of England when the royal family discussed the death of Princess Diana, therefore the film viewer is presented with 100 % speculation.
And this goes for all events in the film.

The film is re-enacting history and it is of course vital that the result makes an interesting story for a film.
Whether then the result matches what truly happened, becomes of secondary importance.

That makes the film a film and not a documentary.
To watch history being twisted in cinematographic entertainment is not of particular interest to this blogwriter.

In the afternoon another film was seen with dear friends John and Beverly in Temecula, California.
A film called “Because I said so” with Dianne Keaton.
A typical Hollywood film with a simple and unrealistic story.
It is the story of a mother trying to find a partner for her single daughter by interviewing men responding to a message on the Internet.
We don’t even want to know how the story develops because it is all so predictable and clichématic.
Including the happy ending which is of course that not only the daughter finds the guy of her life but the mother as well.

Contrary to the film “The Queen” no tendency to nap occurred during the film “Because I said so”.
A silly film offering many opportunities to be ironic and dismiss it as another nonsense Hollywood product and have a peaceful nap.
But somehow the film affected.
The film wants to make the audience feel good and in this it is successful.
In spite of all the silliness and superficiality, it makes one’s emotions flare up.
In particular romantic feelings.

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