Friday, June 8, 2007

From illusion to reality.

In this age of grand illusion
You walked into my life
out of my dreams
I don't need another change
Still you forced away
into my scheme of things

(David Bowie)

We certainly live in an age of grand illusions having the most sophisticated products of techniques available to us.
That is, the ones living in the developed part of the world.

We can make telephone calls.
We can send faxes.
We can send e-mails.
We can use videophones.
We can use MSN and text messages.

Never before the options to communicate are so varied and modern.
Being a nomadic photographer communication relies completely on these modern ways of being in touch with others.
All business is conducted by the Internet.
All negotiations, product delivery and banking are digital and going through cyberspace.

But over time it has been learned that one cannot operate exclusively with the help of modern communication methods.
It is absolutely vital that at least a few times per year there must be person-to-person meetings.
To see each other in flesh and blood.
To actually shake hands and inquire about each other’s wellbeing.

After several business meetings here in Paris, the conclusion is made that by actually coming here and see and meet for example the art dealer and the publisher, suddenly things go very fast.
A calmly flowing river reaching wild rapids.

Why could these new developments with the work not happen before when in contact through cyber space?
It is definitely the lack of the human touch.
People are more prepared to move something up on their list of priorities when the other person is there right in front of them.
Presence results in action.

This is a very exciting observation.
It means that the human factor remains high, important and essential and that is very encouraging for the future of humankind.
It also means that for the future at least two or more visits to Europe must be planned annually.

And most exciting is that the project “The most beautiful people in the world” and the conceptual photography called the “PS-series” are back on track and moving ahead.

Grand illusions becoming grand realities.


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Fred Wishnie said...

Your blog today was very prescient.