Sunday, June 3, 2007

A wonder wonderful life

A flight from Cracow, Poland to Barcelona, Spain.
In a brand new Boeing 737-700 with wing tips which reduces fuel consumption with 4 %.
This plane is so fuel efficient that it was flown from the USA to Poland in a non-stop flight.

Near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea a strong wind was blowing shaking the plane like it was going to crash.
The waves down below dressed with white beards waving to fall down into.
After 2 hours and 20 minutes the plane landed at Barcelona airport to forget immediately the experienced fears.

Next, a 2 hours and 30 minutes drive from Barcelona to the village of Cadaques.
The rental car a French build Citroen C4.
A fabulous car with a diesel engine and very sophisticated of design and equipment.
A pleasure to drive and it is a mystery why such good cars are not exported worldwide.

Arriving in Cadaques was landing in many memories.
In 1990 one year was spend living and working in this artist village where once the surrealistic painter Salvador Dali was based.
And again, from 2000 to 2005, Cadaques was home.
There is therefore a strong connection with this place and many good friends are still living in Cadaques.

Parking the Citroen C4 and going straight to the Hotel Playasol where friends had asked to come.
A party was going on because of the First Communion of a newly born baby.
Entering the large room many people were finishing their dinner.
Seeing their friend enter they yelled and screamed for a lost son returning.
Making him participate in the party immediately.

And as of then, an avalanche of meetings and happenings occurred like a rollercoaster winding around the world.

And in between the thoughts came questioning the decisions made in the past.
Why was the decision made to settle in this village?
Why was the decision made in this village to divorce the Japanese wife?
Why was the decision made to abandon this village and start a nomadic life?
To give up the beautiful house and give away everything inside?

At the time there were profound reasons to make those decisions in the way they were made.
But because this is some years ago, and meanwhile millions of new things have been happening, and because the way life is lived is being completely in the moment and certainly not in the past, the reasons for the decisions were not immediately available.
It needs concentration and seeing things in balance.
Being back in the beautiful village with the wonderful friends it is wondered and questioned why ever it was left behind.
But that is a subjective observation.
Visiting a place for two days is a different story than living in that place permanently.
Spending an evening with a wonderful woman is a different thing than sharing life with her on a permanent base.

Eventually a balance was found.
Understanding returned not in the least because of conversations with the warm friends.

Conclusion is that the decisions were the right ones.
And that Cadaques remains a wonderful place.
And the former wife a wonderful woman.
But that current life without both those wonders is even more wonderful.

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